What We do

We are mid phase opening an inclusive, gender-neutral and experiential studio.

Shallows houses a mix of freelancers in tattoo, barber, makeup, hair, beauty, aesthetics, semi permanent makeup, nails and retail. A one stop shop for styling, think of it as ‘build a bear for humans’

Our Culture

The salon is set up to be progressive and inclusive and help to dismantle the prejudices in the beauty industry, whether that be ageism or racism, ableism or exclusion of LGBTQIA+ people. We aim to be gender-free.

More than this, we want to bring visibility in social media to “othered” people, celebrate all bodies and minorities and be an outpost of safety in a industry that can be toxic.

Our marketing and social media will be centered around conversations bringing these issues into the spotlight: We’re going to be showing and interviewing our clients and staff, especially where they’re traditionally excluded from the narrow definitions of “beauty”.

We aim to start conversations around the topic.

Shallows sees personal style as an act of rebellion. Personal style as a rebuttal to prejudice and powerlessness. Style as empowerment -empowerment of character. Character as crucial to life story. Style as affirmation of story and power.

Who we're looking for

We are looking for experienced, local freelancers across multiple departments to join the team, but they must be a good fit with our ethical stance.

Freelancer Benefits

✨ Affordable flat rates with 3 months introductory rate.
✨ Whole company dividends paid yearly.
✨ Dedicated reception staff at peak times.
✨ Retail space/online sales/shipment for merch.
✨ Targeted marketing, mailing list, social media and SEO.
✨ Pre/post appointment customer service support.
✨ Marketing email blasts and SMS systems
✨ Hotel rooms available for travelling clients
✨ Hotel and partner footfall of over 100,000 clients pcm
✨ Beautiful, Grade II listed hotel setting

How to apply

Want to get involved? Let’s have a chat.

Drop DC (our glorious leader) a message on Whatsapp and we’ll take it from there. 07877 755 662.

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